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TAIPEI BALI SEA-BASS 台北シーバス 109cm 


The Hottest fishing event in Taipei (Even in Taiwan) is Sea Bass Fishing
in Tamsui River, Bali.
Das größte Angelevent in Taipei, vielleicht das größte in Taiwan, ist das Sea Bass angeln am Tamsui River, Bali. 
From November, sea bass followed the cold current to the Tamsui river.
The size of the sea bass is up to 80 cm, even over 100 cm this year.
シーバスは 11月から寒流に乗って淡水河にやってきます。サイズは80㎝を超え、時には1 Mを超えることもあります。
Ab November/Dezember folgen verschiedene Spezies der Sea Bass Familie dem kalten Strom in den Tamsui River. Es werden sehr häufig Fische bis 80cm gefangen, regelmäßig auch in Größen deutlich darüber.
You can get them near river side and also by boat!
We, fishing travelers get sea bass from 80 cm to 90 cm in river side and on boat, let’s see the report from Taipei: 
fishing travelersはおかっぱりからもボートからも80〜90㎝のシーバスを釣っています。
Gefangen werden die Fische sowohl vom Ufer als auch vom Boot. Wir, das Team vom Fishing Traveler, fangen regelmäßig sehr gute Exemplare.
Why lure angler in Taipei are crazy about fishing sea-bass ? 
How to fish them ?
Wieso sind Lure-Angler weltweit so verrückt nach dem Angeln auf die verschiedenen Spezies des Sea Bass Familie? Und wie genau angelt man auf diese Fische?
We invite Sunny and Liszt to share the experience of catching sea-bass.
Wir haben Sunny und Liszt eingeladen, um genau das zu hinterfragen. 
Part One - 2015 Bali Shore Casting Sea-Bass King 104cm ( Sunny)
パート1  2015年、サニーが八里区で釣った104㎝のシーバス。


Sunny, who was a famous sea-bass angler and kept the 104 cm sea-bass record in Bali until Kevin broke the record in Nov 2016.
Let’s talk about the fishing spot first. It is right at the junction of Tamsui River and Keelung River. When the river is dry out, the tributary on the left will decline to surpass the dark blue line. Small fish and plankton will gather together to the circle in the front, which is the slow current area for fish. If having migratory fish coincidently, this is their paradise for feasting.

Because sea bass will be carried down with northeast seasonal wind. Once they come in, part of them will hunt in this so-called “feasting paradise.” Meanwhile, sea bass will lay eggs, based on what the seniors said.
Sea bass eat a lot to prepare for winter; besides, the food here is abundant. As you can imagine, sea bass being hooked up are heavier and much bigger than they are in other places.



About manipulating the bait, please click left video.
Sea bass are lazy. If the food is plenty and the bait we manipulate swims too fast, they will become less active to eat, for they will think there is going to be more food “swim by” and the only thing I should do is waiting.
Hence, we are prone to slow down our movement when using the bait. Although chances are that some fish bite the bait out of reflex, I prefer easy fishing; it’s more casual.
When the river is torrential, I suggest taking the measures of “bottom searching” because there are a great many of stones serving as natural barriers. They may hide somewhere nearby so as to save their energy.
T-tail soft bait longer than 2.8 inches with crank hook plus lead bullet Texas Rig: these are perfect match to decrease the risk of achieving nothing;
it is also more convenient to change the weight with the wind speed and flow rate.
However, when sea bass hunt mullet in large quantities, it can cause mullet to swim in chaos.
At this time, we recommend using large Minnow Floating longer than 12 centimeters. The merit is that with Minnow swinging violently, goals are specific and clear enough to stand out among a school of mullets.
Part Two - Boat Huntig  Sea-bass ( Liszt )
Preview of Fishing Traveler Join the Sea Bass Mania
From December to the next January every year, every angler in whole north Taiwan, is crazy about fishing seabass.
If you come to Danshui river in this time, you would have big opportunities to catch big one!
So do we, Fishing traveler.
My first time that Sea bass shore pro-angler Sunny invited us to go fishing in the shore,
it’s enormously large amount of people waiting and fishing along side the shore.
However, joining and waiting are so tired for me;
we preferred more effective way, which is differed from the crowd.
Boat-Fishing guys
Traveling around the world, I used to get a boat which is easier to find the fish. So we search for an easy boat, and appreciated e-Proposion support us a small inflatable rubber boat and electronic motor, which is light and convenience.
Initially we take the rubber boat for our sea bass challenge, however, it’s not stable and not safe, so we tried hard to find other big boat! And finally we got it! Now we have our private boat and captain after changing different captain and different boat! These changes enable us to take more people to join sea bass fishing film and make the stable results for the sea bass catch.
Where is the Fish?
Boat Fishing is totally different from shore. The tide time and fishing points is exclusive. There are two kinds of place that the fish is:
1. Hind in the pier:
It’s the easiest way to find sea bass, the local sea bass lives and rests surround the pier, and you can use some sinking tackles to lure them up!
2. The overlap of the current
Sea bass follows the current for feeding. Therefore, you need to find the right point and the cast to the cross of the current, you may get them!
3. Bottom
Sometimes, sea bass stays in the bottom and waits the foods come, especially in the daytime. However, in this time, they are not easy to lure, you need to think how to provoke them to attack your bait!
The size of the Sea Bass
For sea bass boat-fishing, there are several good size of sea bass we got from 80~91cm, and I think we will have opportunities to get over 1 meter! Of course in the hot season (from Dec ~Feb) it’s not hard to get the normal size 50~70cm.
Sea Bass Challenge Prospect
For protecting the sea bass environment and developing the sea bass fishing in Taiwan, we try to invite famous anglers all over the world come to Taiwan for hunting big sea bass.
If you think you are prestigious and skillful enough, and want to take the challenge, please contact us to arrange a boat fishing trip for you. We need to caution that we are not promise you can get the sea bass and nice size fish because it’s all “depends on your technique and luck!” Anyway, let’s give it a try!

Thanks! Message sent.

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