Are you qualified enough to

fish snake-head fish in Taipei ?


It is quite hard to fish 70 cm snake-head fish with frog in centre Taipei. 

Because :


  • place : There are just a few places for snake-head fish to survive due to the pollution of the river.

  • people : there are too many people hunting snake-head fish. 


Due to these reasons, snake-head fish in Taipei have become smarter than they are in other places in Taiwan. The lures they have bitten may be more than you had seen. However, someone can always get good results in this hard situation. 


70 cm snake-head fish is the standard to evaluate whether you are qualify.

The average size is 50-70 cm. It is easy to get small one of 50cm. However,it is quite hard to get 70cm size. 


There are two tips to get huge size snake-head fish. (70cm)


  • Practice 

  • Thinking





Take your rod and search near the bank of river in Taipei by spinnerbait. After 5-8 walking hours, you will know their hiding place. It is very important to locate their hiding place because they like to stay one place for a long time.



Big snake-head fish is smart. You may see them when you walk near the bank. They may just follow your lure and smell it, but they do not bite it!

In this situation, thinking may be the most important thing.  

Try to stop casting, I always try to observe the fishing point in this situation.

What kind of baits do they eat?  Is there any frog near this point ? 

What color and size of frogs are they ? 


According to my experience, small, light and black frogs with leg can always beat them. 

The secret is to manipulate your frog like a real one. 

There are some experiences to share ;

  • To cast your frog in grass and land near the bank not water. 

  • To fish them in early morning/night/evening/raining not sunny day. 




Big snake-head fish (70cm) always follow the lure when frogs swim in the water. They will think and doubt whether the bait is real or not in 

high-pressure fishing point. I have seen this situation many times.



The only way is try to cast your frogs in the grass, and manipulate them intensively near the bank. Snake-head fish can feel the movement and wait. When your frog drop to the water, he will attack it. 



Time is an another important issue. 

A slight raining day is the best time; it makes your frog look like a real one. 



In conclusion,

The record of snake-head fish is about 85cm (with photo and ruler) in Taiwan and 80 cm in Taipei. 

It is quite amazing to get 80cm snake-head fish in Taipei, but I did. 

To get him, I get up at 4 am every weekend just for the purpose of understanding his eating habits. 

After half year, I got 4 snake-head fishes more than 70cm, and one of them is 80cm !

Do you want to challenge it ?

take your rod and beat me ! 



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