In Taiwan, there are three well-known reservoirs where one can fish snack-head, which are白河、烏山頭 and 曾文 reservoir. Unfortunately, too many people hunt them so it is quite hard to catch them recently. In the past, we could get 10 good size (60~80cm) snack-head one day on one boat easily. But now, if you can get 2-5 good size snack-head on one boat one day, you are lucky.
Besides, these reservoires are located in southern Taiwan. It is 4 hour's drive from Taipei to Tainan.
We need to drive 4 hours southbound and then keep casting hundred times for toma for 8 hours on the boat. Afterwards, driving 4 hours again back to Taipei.   
This 16-hour hunting toman trip is quite tiring...
PS: Now we discover a new point - Sun Moon Lake ( Taichung ) ! We are first team to get Toman there.
ON BOARD - crossing the jungle 
The boat is parking near the river bank of mountain.
It means that you have to drive car crossing the jungle carefully and then park it near the river bank.  
After taking fishing tackle to the boat, we started our toman hunting trip! The strategy of hunting toman is searching for the hot fishing points quickly in early morning with topwater lure. 
Toman will hunt small fish at sunrise and sunset.
It is the best time to hunt good size toman.
- get nothing at the beginning
In early morning, it is easy to see the toman breath in the lake. Aiming at the wave of water  and casting the topwater to the wave is one of the fishing strategies. Besides, toman also like to hide under the bamboo. Skipping the lure into the middle of bamboo is quite an important skill to hunt them. By obeying these two rules, we believe one can get good results. 
However, things are not going smoothly.  
Since we are on a swinging boat, it is not easy to cast lure accurately. On the contrary,  it may hook the tree.  Additionally, too many people hunt them, which make toman become smarter than before. We cannot get good result at the begining. 
 Toman Attack 
After hundreds of casting, the situation did not change.
The weather was getting bad and soon started to pour heavily. 
It disturbed our itinerary; we had no choice but to take a rest near the bank.  We felt down and exhausted. 
However, the rain also reverse the situation.
After raining, toman began to attack lure, and we started to have bites. 
Tulala El Urbano 180 is not suitable for topwater because it's too hard to msnipulate topwater naturally.  So, we use it to cast frogs and toman hiding in the obstacle. 
Finally, it did work.
One good size toman bit the lure !  The rod is so hard that it hooked his palate without too much effort. After fighting with the creature for 2 mins, we got him ! 
Senstive Toman  
Toman in this lake is quite senstive and smart.  After getting a big-sized toman, the lake was back to silence, even we  could  see them breathe. However, they had become more cautious and did not bite the lure . This time, Topwater did not work. 
Changing fishing strategy is the only way.
In spring, small fish will gather together as a group, just like a small fish ball. Toman like to attack these fish balls.
We change the lure from topwater  to minnow, and aim at the small fish group to cast minnow. 
It did work, and we got more good size Toman. 
Besides, there are also some tailand snack-head hiding in grass near the river bank. Using frogs to hunt them is also quite a good choice. 
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