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Tailand Arapaima Fishing




Thailand is quite an amazing place for fishing, especially in "river monster" domain. You don't need to go deep into the jungle to search these river monsters coming from Amazon. This place is about 1.5 hour away from Bangkok by car. 

However, it is not easy to get them with lure. 


Many Pro-anglers come to this place to test their rod and lure.These monsters have seen all kinds of lures many times ever day, and they are too smart for us to catch them easily.  

Understanding the way they thank and their eating habits would be the key to catching them! 





Actually, you don't need to prepare any rod and lure. Local Fishing guides will prepare them for you. Normally, he will give you a spining rod with "peen" reel. Besides, he will teach you how to use it to fish them in a special way.  Nevertheless, I still had my rod and reel ready:

Rod: Deeps-h2n 64r" and "Tulala-jetsetter 61c"

Ree: Conquest 200 / 400

Line: 50LB powerpro

Leader: 80 LB Sunline 



Even these monsters are smart, you can have a good result by following the instructions given by fishing guides. Each fish may take you 3~10 mins to fight against. During the combat, arapaima will jump into the water and try to take off your lure. Watching a 40kg monster jumping into the water is so exciting. 


At the end of the day, we got 10 fishs. The biggest record of the day is almost 150cm and 40kg, 


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