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London Pike


London has quality pike fishing to offer the visiting angler. 

There are river and canal to suit every type of pike angler. 

We like to fish from the bank of Thames river.

On thames rivers there are miles of good bank to fish from in comfort. 

You can use a wide range of methods including wobbling and static deadbaiting, spinning, lure and fly fishing. 




Special Thanks for Shota


Special Thanks for Tulala's pro-angler "Shota" , he taught me how to fish pike in UK and open my mind to see the monster fish world.


Here is his blog, about fishing pike and pearch in Uk. For canal pike in London, he is expert.


Fishing Tackle 


Canal pike in London is about 70cm~120cm, and it is quite hard to get them without appropriate tackle. For preparing the fishing tackle, there are some suggestion for you:  

1. Rod: 

Strong rod is requirement. I always use pike or snackhead rod for hunting them, such as Fox pike rod, hots 51, tulala apsaras 68.But for tourist, considering the convience issue, you can try the Pike travel rod of tulala EI 180.    

2. Reel:

Shimano Conquest system is my favorite. 

3. Line:

30LB Powerpro with 60~80LB leader could be enough to face all kinds of situation in canal pike in London.

4. Lure:

(1)Swimming bait: Savage 4 play swimming bait and Strike pro Red Buster are quite good for searching pike.

(2)Soft bait: Storm soft bait is good for using in pier. 



Fishing Point 


For travler-fishing, traffic issue always is the big issue. These 5 fishing points are near MRT station in East London. It means you just need to take your rod and fish pike by MRT and walk. 


Before you start to fish, please follow two fishing rules in UK:The most important things is always "Catch & Release". When you got pike, please treat him gently, and release him as soon as possible.The  other is about fishing lience, rod fishing lience in Thames is about 27 ponds/year. You can buy it from post office. 







Fishing Point 1: Foot Bridge 

(Yellow Arrow  is the hot point.)

1.Searching bank of river 

In early morning, searching bank of river by strike-pro red buster is quite good strategy. I always called this way: "Holding the lure for a walk".


2.Searching near the foot bridge

In Spring, pike will hide under the water grass near the foot bridge.Try to use pencial, such as megabass X-dog to hunt them, it could get good result.





Fishing Point 2:Cricketers Bridge 

(Red circle/Yellow arrow are the hot point.)


1.under the foot-bridge 

Try to use spinnerbait to search this point. Pike and Pearch sometimes will hide this place.



2.Before going to cricketers bridge 

Before you go to the cricketers bridge, you will see a small bridge. Try to use soft bait to test whether Pike hide there. I have seen a big pike stay there.      




Pier is always the hot point in canal in London.  Shota and me got pike in this point. I use soft bait to hunt them, and got my first canal pike in this point.


Fishing Point 3:Corbridge 

(Yellow arrow are the hot point.)


1.under the tree 

In corbridge, I always search in pier but getting nothing. However, after the pier you will see two tree, there are some pike hiding there. I have used red-buster to get one pike in this point. This point is alos suitable for night pike fishing. 



2.Color Apartment

If you cannot get nothing under the tree, do not feel sad. Go straight and you will see color apartment. Try to hold the lure for a walk, pike just hide the bank. Using savage 4 play swimming bait or red-buster would be good!

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Fishing Point 4: Kingsland basin 

(Yellow arrow are the hot point.)


This point was called "sweet hot point". A lot of pike stay here because of  the gathering of two canal (regenal cannal and kingsland  basin). I meet Shota and his friend in this point once, and his friend got one pike. Billy and I often fish this point, and can get good result. 


Fishing Point 5:City Road basin 


City road basin is also a good point to fishing pike. One point is in front of building. Using 4-play swim bait may get good result. Besites, don't forget to search near the bank of river, they always hide there.City road basin is a quite good place, haveing nice restaurant, bar, and market. Don't just fish pike here and take a rest to buy a fish and chip with beer to enjoy your canal trip. 


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