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Special Thanks 
Special Thanks for team.
They arranged sea-fishing and Peacock bass trip in one week.
謝志偉(X9), the leader of this team, SFCU China Bass PK Champion,
invited us to his own coffee shop and enjoyed nice food, coffee , and helped us arrange
the trip, especially for the 6 people secret tuna sea-fishing trip.
It is quite hard to arrange such itinerary with Lunar Chinese New Year approaching. 

兔子(Rabbit), 小濤,阿樹 and 夏天, supported us silently !  
Thanks for you guys, it is quite hard to take an annual leave. 
I got a text from Shota on 2015.11.1, talking about the possible fishing trip in Taiwan. 
Because he helped us a lot when we went to Toyko for sea-bass fishing, 
now it was our turn to pay back.
From that day, I have had an excuse to test fishing point and  planned several alternatives for him to choose.  
By this chance, Liszt set his record of sea-bass fishing, and I also got my new stamp of Black sea-bream.
Monster Lure fishing in wild area in Taiwan is quite tough.
We have connected three famous teams to check the info. of Monster fishing in Taiwan.  
The first choice is sea-bass trip.  Sunny's team just got a 108 cm sea-bass in Bali. Liszt got 90 cm size as well.
The second one is Toman boat fishing trip.  Wang and Fang team always get good Toman in season.  
The third one is peacock bass and barramundi tripThe pro-angler X9 team.
In light of all kinds of situations, including weather, people, transportation...and so on,
We decided to choose the third trip on the last mins... ... It made them feel hasty to change this trip. 
Thanks for their hard work and some luck, everything is ok before HUERCO TEAM came to Taiwan.
#Day 1  Peacock Bass 
Peacock Bass is one kind of aggressive fish, which was from Amazon.
 It is quite easy to get them in season.
However, winter is not a good season for hunting them.
They do not want to bite baits in this season. 
Besides, in cold season, they prefer to stay on the bottom. 
To hunt them in winter, we need to use special strategy .  
One is to use big SP lure to attack his habitat, and he will bite the lure for defending. 
The other one is to use jig-head to jump at the bottom for attacking his habitat as well.
Strategies mentioned above are how to  irritate peacock bass rather than feed them.  
For hunting them, we need some luck and skills. 
Firstly, I told Shota to use big SP lure to search for them. 
I just exerted this strategy to get two good size peacock bass last week. 
Using big bait to attack where they live, peacock will bite the bait for defending home. 
However, it did not work this time... ...
Suddenly ! " Hit !! " 
兔子(Rabbit) used 3g jig-head with 3-inch minnow to search for them
and got a strong hit !

After one-min fighting, he got nice size (50cm+ ) Peacock bass.
It made us excited !! 
GOT 50 cm + Peacock Bass
After getting this  nice size peacock bass, there is no more hit.
We think that it is better to have lunch first. 
We went to x9's coffee restaurant and ate lunch, talking about the strategy of hunting peacock.
With nice coffee, we talked about the future of fishing plan. 
In the afternoon, we could see the peacock bass chasing the lure ... but no biting.
It seemed that HUERCO would fail today...
" HIT ! "  Shota got a strong hit !!!  
After 3-min's fighting, Shota got a nice size gold carp !!!    It was quite nice size and had beautiful color !   
Yap !  Release our pressure. 
After getting this carp, we also tried to fish Toman, but failed.  
X9 invited us to have a free and nice dinner.

#Day 1  Gold Carp 
Got  beautiful color Carp
#Day 1  Pawn Fishing 
Enjoy Local Fisher Night
Tiger Pawn Fishing is quite hot in Taiwan, especially in Southern  Taiwan. 
The price of fishing Pawn in Southern Taiwan is cheaper than  other places due to the  location advantage.
There are a lot of tiger pawn farms in Southern Taiwan, providing stable tiger pawn for fishing pay pool.
Pay Pools in Northern Taiwan have to order pawn from Southern farm,
the cost of transportation could be higher.
There are two important things for pawn fishing.
One is to make sure the bait is on the bottom, and the other is to hide hook under the bait. 
Although this two things are quite simple, but we did not get good results. 
It is quite hard to hide hook under the bait, and thus the result varies.
After one hour, we only got 7 pawns ... one pawn even use his claw to punch someone's finger.
Ha, so we baked it for our snack... End first fishing day trip.
#Day 2  Barramundi 
Monster Hit !
Southern Taiwan is also famous for barramundi farms.  
There are a lot of barramundi farms, providing fishing service.
One of them  is  quite famous due to the size of barramundi and his business model.
In this pool, you have to put the fish you got on the net and release them in other pools. 
This model make the pressure of pool lower than that of other pools.
Besides, the size of fish is bigger than that in other pools ( 60 cm - 90 cm ) 
So this pool attract many people to search for their record of barramundi. 
However, we could not get good results at the beginning. 
There was no bite at noon. 
We tried to use minnow, VIB, and soft bait to hunt them.
But no biting...
Shota got one bite in this hard situation... but lost it in the end... 
The fishing situation was quite harder... 
Liszt told me a secret ! 
Barramundi hid near the grass, you can used soft bait to search for them.
I took his advice, and changed the way of fishing , searching by soft bait near the bank.
I chose the opposite corner to be my target.  
Casting....  Jumping bait ...
One Jump...
Two Jump...
Stop ...

" Boom !!!!! "

A strong strong strong hit !!!!! 
I knew it could be a monster, and I felt excited !! 
My equipment is too weak to control his direction.
I was afraid that he swam to waterwheel and broke the line... 
Too many questions were in my mind !!  
After 3-min fighting, I got this monster !!  
It is so heavy that  I cannot hold him with single hand.
I believe it could be my record of barramundi.
After that, barrmundi started to eat !    Shota and Liszt also found the tempo of manipulating VIB.
Shota got 4 or 5 good size barrmundi, so did Liszt.
There was also another monster hit ! 
The hit is too strong to hold in the first second, Just like hooking a nuclear submarine !!! 
Not like getting barrmundi... ( maybe Catfish ? )  But failed in the end.
After asking the boss of pool, he said that we might get the king of barrmundi in this pool.
There was no catfish here.  After this exciting fighting, we went to have local food .

#Day 2  Lose 120 cm Catfish
Monster Hit !
In the afternoon, we went to Pintong to fish tarpon and catfish. 
This catfish was original from Africa, and now you could see them easily.
My record of this kind of catfish was 90cm. 
This point was quite secret, and I believe there should be bigger one hiding there. 
Shota used his new monster rod to put the bait on the bottom... 
and ... small hit... hit ... " Boom!"
One strong hit dragged his rod into the bottom. Shota hold his rod, fighting with this catfish !
This catfish was quite big, and I recorded part of his body... It should be bigger than 120 cm !!! 
Huge Monster!! 
However, the river was too deep.
Shota's reel could not reel this monster up... Afer 30 mins... we lost this monster... 
To be honest, I didn't see this size before... 
However, he also got small one. It may be 90 cm. 

I swore we will be back to hunt them again! 
#Day 3  Tuna sea-fishing 
Bad weather...
Tuna sea-fishing is this trip' main dish. It is in season and we may have chance to get huge size tuna.
It is quite a difficult trip, facing bad weather, 12-hour fishing time.
However, the weather is too bad to fish.  It is quite hard to fish in these bad weather... 
The huge wave made us dizzy and vomit, even we had taken seasickness medicine.
Even so, we still kept casting.
In the end, we just got 15-20 tuna whole boat...
Although we could not get good result in sea-fishing, enjoying nice sea-food was also cool.
We took two tuna for  Sashimi and soup.  Sashimi was quite tasty !

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