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Largemouth bass are only native to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Nevertheless, America’s favorite game fish has also been set up in countries such as Russia, China, and many other nations.​


SFCU is one of the bass games in Guangdong in China. This time, it was much harder to get a good result than any other bass game in China due to two reasons:


1. Competitors’ qualities

    Competitors are all famous anglers and had got champion in       all kinds of bass games in China. It is also called the " Bass         Game of Champion" in China.

2. Size of bass

    There are too much small bass in the lake. It is easy to get           100 small bass (<30cm) one day. However, it is difficult to         get big bass in this lake.




DAY 1 - Registration 



SFCU was held in Pits reservoir in mountain areas in Gungdong. It was quite inconvenient from Taiwan to this destination and it took me about one day by airplane, train, plus motorcycle.


Korean pro-angler 

The designs and rules of the game were the same as FLW. Each boat can only contain two people-Pro-angler and co-angler. It was settled by drawing lots. I was lucky to be Korean pro-angler's teammate (이정구李正九) because it means that the Korea FTV team would take video recording for us and later make a bass fishing TV show.



For Bass fishing, I am a novice. Nonetheless, my friend Liszt and X9 are well versedin the bass domain. X9 won the last PK Champion in SFCU in 2010, and Liszt is my mentor. On arriving the scene and after some observation, they started plotting fishing strategies about fishing bait, point, and so on.






DAY 2 - Game Starts


SFCU game started at 6:30 and ended at 14:00.

It was quite tough for me to fish bass in deep water.

In Taiwan, we always fish bass in tended-fishing ponds and small lakes and the depth of lake is about 1-3m. For fishing deep water bass, I don't have any experience.


My rods were too tiny to come in handy in this place and my lure was too light to sink into the bottom of the lake. Besides, Korean pro-angler is good at fishing bass in deep water. It indicates that the boat always stopped far away from the bank of lake. I could not search for bass near the bank because of the long distance.


Before 12:00, I hadn’t got any qualified bass (>30cm).


Changing rod and lure was my only choice. For searching for deep water bass, I used 3/4oz spinnerbait in order to look for bass hiding at the bottom. It did work! I got 5 qualified bass at the last minute, getting the 7th place in the co-angler team on day 1.

DAY 3 - NO.1


After striving for the whole day, I finally found the bass hiding place.In the early morning, they swim near the bank and hunt small fish. When sun rises, they will go back to the deep water. I came up with two fishing methods to face these two situations.


One is for early morning bass, using 6-inch no-sink soft bait to get rid of the barrier, such as wood, stone, and so on.

When the weather was getting hot, I used spinnerbait to search for the bottom of water.


The fishing strategy is extremely helpful and let me get a lot of good-sized bass. In the end, I got 3.1kg bass and rank no.1 in co-angler and no.3 in pro-angler team on day two.


In sum of my two days' score, I ranked No,2 in co-angler team. However, one of my bass died so the score was deducted; hence, the rank dropped to No.4.

I was so exciting; it is impossible for a new novice to get No.4 in this high-pressured game. Besides, I learned plenty of bass fishing skills form Korean pro-angler.



It was my first bass game experience overseas. It was quite lucky to get 4th in co-angler team.Special thanks for my friend - Liszt. He taught me how to fish bass, and let me have this opportunity to join the bass game.And our tutor X9, the last champion of PK, also got 5th in pro-angler team. Thanks for his kindness to lead us to fight this game.Besides, Korean pro-anger 李正九 was a nice angler. I learned a lot from him. Thanks all guys!

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