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The Hottest fishing event in Taipei (Even in Taiwan) is Sea Bass Fishing
in Tamsui River, Bali.
From November, sea bass followed the cold current to the Tamsui river.
The size of the sea bass is up to 80 cm, even over 100 cm this year.
You can get them near river side and also by boat!
We, fishing travelers get sea bass from 80 cm to 90 cm in river side and on boat, let’s see the report from Taipei:
Why lure angler in Taipei are crazy about fishing sea-bass ? 
How to fish them ?
We invite Sunny and Liszt to share the experience of catching sea-bass.
Taipei Hot in December- Huge Sea Bass is coming!
Part One - 2015 Bali Shore Casting Sea-Bass King 104cm ( Sunny)


Sunny, who was a famous sea-bass angler and kept the 104 cm sea-bass record in Bali until Kevin broke the record in Nov 2016.
Let’s talk about the fishing spot first. It is right at the junction of Tamsui River and Keelung River. When the river is dry out, the tributary on the left will decline to surpass the dark blue line. Small fish and plankton will gather together to the circle in the front, which is the slow current area for fish. If having migratory fish coincidently, this is their paradise for feasting.

Because sea bass will be carried down with northeast seasonal wind. Once they come in, part of them will hunt in this so-called “feasting paradise.” Meanwhile, sea bass will lay eggs, based on what the seniors said.
Sea bass eat a lot to prepare for winter; besides, the food here is abundant. As you can imagine, sea bass being hooked up are heavier and much bigger than they are in other places.


About manipulating the bait, please click left video.
Sea bass are lazy. If the food is plenty and the bait we manipulate swims too fast, they will become less active to eat, for they will think there is going to be more food “swim by” and the only thing I should do is waiting.
Hence, we are prone to slow down our movement when using the bait. Although chances are that some fish bite the bait out of reflex, I prefer easy fishing; it’s more casual.
When the river is torrential, I suggest taking the measures of “bottom searching” because there are a great many of stones serving as natural barriers. They may hide somewhere nearby so as to save their energy.
T-tail soft bait longer than 2.8 inches with crank hook plus lead bullet Texas Rig: these are perfect match to decrease the risk of achieving nothing;
it is also more convenient to change the weight with the wind speed and flow rate.
However, when sea bass hunt mullet in large quantities, it can cause mullet to swim in chaos.
At this time, we recommend using large Minnow Floating longer than 12 centimeters. The merit is that with Minnow swinging violently, goals are specific and clear enough to stand out among a school of mullets.
Part One - 2016 Shore Casting Sea-Bass King ( Sunny )
Part One - 2016 Bali Shore Casting Sea-Bass King 108cm ( Kevin)
If asked the feeling of sea bass fishing, I would say it needs luck. When luck knocks your door, it belongs whoever has made preparations well, because he has imagined this moment and pictured it for thousands of times in his mind. 
The most fascinating thing about sea bass hunting is that all aspects about fishing them are complex. For example, they like to stay at the junction of the fresh water, so their behaviors are like those of both fresh water fish and saltwater fish; they are pickle about baits but at the same time, sparing no efforts to attack baits; they are not the toughest fish species to get but you absolutely need skills to fish them.
Washing gill, turning away their heads suddenly, dashing, switching the direction without notice even swimming across the barriers and so on, these are all what you will experience. Exciting! Inspiring! Unforgettable!  The day I got 1-meter sea bass was lucky. Plenty of mullets flocked into the river mouth. Tens of thousands of “Nematalosa come” being attacked and thus jumped high to escape. The amount was so surprising that it even became obstacles for us to fish.
At first, I used Minnow which swung violently, but looked like it did not appealing at all. Thus, I replaced it with K-TEN K2F 142, which was big-sized and even if I reeled the fishing line slowly, it could still swing violently. You could feel that sea bass began to launch the attack; however, due to the easiness of food availability, it was hard to feel whether sea bass were really attacking or they just swam by. That is to say, you did not exactly know the timing of pulling up the fishing rod. 
The fishing spot, unfortunately, was a place for fishing rod easy to touch the bottom, so it was unwise to pull it up without knowing whether the fish was really hooked or not. If you do so, the consequence might be that the fish finally do attack, but your fishing rod got stuck in the barriers.
I was lucky enough to get sea bass. At that moment, I could feel the sea bass was as heavy as a submarine, slowly speeding up, dashing and then to the place you could barely turn around its head with your almost “out of control” fishing rod. A standard behavior of monster fish.
I became very cautious; not giving it any chance of bouncing, which meant I should manipulate the fishing line well, neither too loose or too tight in case that the sea bass might run away or bounce out of the water. After 2-3 times of fighting, I eventually dragged it to the shore.
Owing to it was quite near, the sea bass could clearly feel the pressure I put on. Therefore, this monster fish went mad with its body swinging. Simultaneously, I recalled other anglers breaking their line and their fish gone. I tried to control this monster fish, keeping away from any possible obstacles. This kind of conduct made me almost fell into water accidently, but I successfully prevented the sea bass from knocking the barriers. At last, I dragged it up.
Part Two - Boat Huntig  Sea-bass ( Liszt )
Winter is coming, however, there is still 20~28 degree in Taiwan!
But sometimes comes cold current, which bring amount of sea bass to the river mouth! Of course, there are also lots of people waiting for this!
Therefore, we decide to go boat-fishing for sea bass fishing, as you know, super exciting!!!
A bit dangerous for us, who never go boating in this river, especial at night. But we can call it “adventure !”

Let’s go fighting!
Actually, we attended the spot, the first cast got some movement, like small bait, but haven’t hooked.
Peter got strong luck and got first fish, bigeye tarpon, over 50cm, good size!
we want sea bass! we want sea bass! OK~ give you a sea bass!
wow~ a surprised bait just near boat, maybe just 3 meters from boat!
Fighting…..fighting!!! Big guy!!!!
Although it’s not strong, but technique needed!
I walked the fish carefully near my boat over 5 minutes!
Fishman brist 510 LH help me control this monster!!!
Finally …..raised the fish!
Wow~ beautiful sea bass! 80 cm!!!
After catching this fish, we felt satisfied and back.

Cause really really hungry!
To be a fishing traveler, of course take you to eat something enormously fantastic!
ha~ just 20 minutes from fishing spot,
there is a really good goat hot pot buffet, bargain as well!!!

Thanks! Message sent.

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