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As everyone knows, salmon migrate back to the mountain to spawn from the sea, and each season, types of salmon migration vary. For example, I traveled to Yukon this November but got nothing; the migration of local Chinook slamon is June.
When salmon migrate, the scene is unprecedentedly spctacula. You can see fish everywhere, from the mouth of the sea to river course.  Hence, it is reasonable to say one can get fish easily.
However, it is not true. Which season, which part exactly in a river course can you gain a haul of fish and which bait should you use are all the key points.
If you pick the wrong bait, the wrong fishing line or with all your set wrong, you are likely to go home with bare hands. Fortunately, I had my friend, F, who is experienced enough, help me handle all the fishing set.
​   中文翻譯請按此
The one who drove us to the fishing point is yuppie-styled J;
he dressed like Japanese and with old-school Benz jeep and fishing rod in his hand, he looked professional.
On getting in the car, everyone chatted about fishing experiences and soon, we reached the destination.
With Hunter boots, I walked down the splippery and muddy slope by the road.
It is no easy thing but when we arrived there, we were all stunned by the dream-like scenery.
There are two equipment for salmon fishing, one is fly and the other is floating.
Basically, salmon don’t eat anything when they migrate from sea to the river,
but they attack eggs laid by other salmon.
It is said that each of them hope to raise survival rate. Thus, salmon exert this trait
to allure   to attack fly.
As for fishing tackle combination, I wouldn’t reveal here. After all, it is F’s secret weapon.
I let my wife, who is totally a novice, fish first.
I would say she had luck. Got 4 fish
Salmon is so heavy that she could barely pull it up since women are not as strong as men;
besides, each salmon is almost 80 centimeters long or more. For a female angler,
who is not used to casting with trolling , but got big fish like this, it is not easy.
F was not in haste to fish. He helped us settle all fishing tackle and made sure both of us had fun.
J even got a 90-centimeter-long male salmon. He said he just got one-meter long salmon last week. 
Basically, we chose long fishing rod, letting the trait of the rod lessen powerful strength of fish. On average, a 80-centimeter-long salmon takes about 3 to 5 minutes to wrestle with. However, male salmon longer than 90 centimeters can’t be hooked up without spending more than 5 minutes. What’s more, male salmon keep turning over and bouncing to clean their gills. Fortunately, this situation is totally under control since it has happened many times.
I changed my gear to TULALA EU180, and with TATULA and R18 16LB line,
I continued fishing with the other hand.
After switching to the familiar gear (brought by me from hometown),
it is of much ease.
Nevertheless, the fatal drawback was that it lacked cushioning ability when wrestling with fish.
Because this monster rod aims at pike approximately 80 centimeters long,
it does not go with fish.
After getting fish, people started to play tug-of-war with them for they have mighty strength.
A few minutes later, as soon as fish were exhausted, anglers hauled line quickly.
Generally speaking, anglers keep standing back so as to haul the fish to the shore.
It is different from using the power of the fishing rod to haul fish to the shore directly and unhooked them. 
Keep fishing to the last minute, actuallly, we were all burned out.  We even hooked the tail and the back of two salmon.
We did break the record at the cost of hurtful hands and broken hooks but satisfied.
For two days in a row, we gradually got the secret of success, so it was not hard for us to hold the record of at least 10 fish. Meanwhile, we caught a huge huge huge male salmon. Unfortunately, it slipped off the hook.
Besides, I tested another fishing rod for salmon, Portameto 73, to see whether it is sturdy enough to endure the weight of heavy salmon.
It was quite worrying for Portameto, compared with all fishing rods on the spot, is not only short but also a little bit slim.
Luckily, it does not disappoint us; Portameto73 conquered some salmon successfully.
Among three-day fishing trip, the only more than 90-centimeter-long salmon was hooked and dragged ashore perfectly thanks to this fishing rod. 
At last, thank you for F's arrangement for the trip and J's and M's coming to pick us up. Taxi fare was incredibly expensive. Had it nor been for their help, we wouldn't have had any idea how to get to the fishing spot.
Especially the last day, J even invited us to dine in his house. The cook, of course, was him. Amazing food! (including sweet shrimps, salmon eggs, sashimi, steak and sea urchins) Amazing cooking skills! He also drove us to the hotel I booked near the airport. I really appreciate their enthusiasm and hospitality.
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